Membership in OMA is open to all former students of SMI, even if he or she attended only for a day! And as not to leave out family and friends who are not Old Michaelians to take part in OMA activities, an allowance is made for them too.


Old Michaelians! Don’t wait a second longer, come join the OMA fraternity. Catch up with long-lost schoolmates to swap old stories and relive happy memories together.


Ladies who joined SMI for Form 6 are encouraged and gladly welcomed to join. Ladies, without a doubt, will make a much-appreciated difference in OMA, which members consist mostly of men.


There are 3 types of membership available – Ordinary, Associate and Life. Old Michaelians join as either Ordinary or Life members while non-Michaelians join as Associate members.


Ordinary and Associate members pay an annual subscription of RM10.00 while Life members pay a one-time lifetime subscription of RM1,000.00.


For those who are joining as a member, please print the Membership Application Form. After filling the form, post it immediately to OMA’s Secretariat with the correct payment.


Those applying for ordinary or associate membership should consider paying RM50.00 (5 years) or RM100.00 (10 years) as membership fees to avoid the hassle of remembering or being asked to pay every year.