Hi Michaelians,

Further to my notification of 30th June, 2018, here is what the OMA has lined up for you on dinner day, 29th September, 2018 starting from 8.00am onwards.

8.00 – 9.00am: Mini football tournament by Form 5 class of 2012 boys

9.00 – 10.00am: Mini football tournament by Form 5 class of 1977 boys for the MAZDA trophy, donated by Bermaz Motors, courtesy of Mr. Moses Chin, also of class of 1977.

10.30 am: Mass service conducted by Rev. Father Fabian Dicom, himself a Michaelian as well, in the school chapel.

For those who don’t fancy watching some out of shape middle aged men gasping and chasing after a football or are not much into kneeling and praying, you can always have a walkabout around the school grounds and relive the many wonderful memories of your school years within the hallowed halls of St. Michael’s Institution. Check out the changes to the school and compare with conditions of your school during your school days. The countless makan shops in old town are all within walking distance for lunch.

Dinner festivities commence at 7.00pm but diners should arrive as early as possible to avail themselves of choice parking spaces. Available car parks will be as follows:-

SMI Secondary

SMI Primary

TAIKO Building back car park


KINTA River bank



IPOH Padang perimeter car parks

A word of warning – don’t park your vehicles inside the Indian Muslim mosque grounds in front of the school. The mosque gate will be locked up after 9.00pm and cars parked inside can only be retrieved the next morning.

Diners will be delighted to know that a record number of 60 plus retired and present teachers will be attending this function, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Joseph Michael Lee and friends. This tradition of invitation of teachers to grace our annual banquet has been maintained for many past years and it is our intention to keep this tradition going on for the ensuing years. Since the demise of the ever popular Dato Rev. Bro. Vincent Corkery in 2016, we were encountered with a problem as to whom we should invite to present Salutation Certificates to the hundreds of jubilarians. The OMA President, Mr. Adrian Tsen came up with the unique proposal of throwing the decision back to the jubilarians – they shall be given the choice to select their favourite presenters from the pool of retired teachers in attendance during the dinner. The jubilarians warmed up to this proposal and this arrangement worked very well last year. It is hoped that jubilarians will have their favourite presenters selected to be invited up on stage come this September. Presenters will not be confined to retired teachers only but may also include certain dignitaries or guests present. It’s all up to the jubilarians.

As in previous years, there will be free flow of beer served on dinner night until 10.30pm when the bar will close. We are glad to see drinkers enjoying their beer and drink as much as they can. However after the end of last year’s dinner, many glasses half-filled or more with beer were found left on empty tables. We request the co-operation of drinkers to be mindful of such wastage this coming dinner.

Here’s some information on the Mazda Trophy football game in the morning, the brainchild of Mr. Andrew Chin, our newest committee member from the class of 1977. It is to be played between Ipoh and KL boys of 1977 over two short halves of 20 mins each in the school field Permission was granted for this game on the condition that the SMI St. John’s Ambulance emergency team was present, considering the physical condition and age of the participants. It was made known to them that the school had to be indemnified against lawsuits or claims arising out of injuries of whatever nature suffered, from the participants. Ha-ha-ha. On a serious note, my thanks to Andrew for making the day more eventful and to Moses for the trophy, which will be presented to the winning team after the game.

The last dinner day mass was held in 2012 when the school celebrated its centennial year after the chapel was refurbished and the response was fantastic, with the congregation not only filling the chapel but spilling out along the corridors. I am confident that this year’s mass will be equally, if not more well attended, judging by the feedback from my fellow committee mates, Mr. Lawrence Brindes and Mr. Thomas Wong, both of whom will be responsible for the co-ordination of the mass on 29th September, which by the way, happens to be the feast day of St. Michael.

As the evening reunion dinner approaches, I am mindful of the numerous tasks laying ahead but I am very confident that with the full support of the OMA President and committee members, this dinner will turn out fine.

So Michaelians, we have a date on 29th September, 2018 at 7.00pm in our Alma Mater.


Terry Yip,

Dinner Organising Chairman