Greetings fellow Michaelians,


It’s that time of the year once again when we gather to celebrate the bonding of the Michaelian spirit and renewal of fellowship. The OMA  annual do just keeps on getting bigger and bigger, from last year’s 120 tables to 146 this year. If the ever increasing attendance is anything to go by, then we must be doing something right. The basketball courts may not be adequate to accommodate this dinner at the rate things are going, so I hope the powers that be have something in mind, like for instance a multi-purpose structure to house the gathering in air-conditioned surroundings  immune to our unpredictable inclement weather conditions. The canopies to cover the courts is costing a bomb which keeps escalating in tandem with larger turnouts.


So to this year’s banquet:-


TIME: 7.00 PM



I have been given to understand that on the morning of the dinner, many Michaelians will be visiting their alma mater after breakfast and the school authorities in response, will throw open the gates as early as 9.00am to allow access to all these visitors, a substantial number of whom will be flying in from overseas just for this special occasion. The class of 77 has confirmed doing so after breakfast in Ipoh Old Town and this particular group will have the largest number of jubilee celebrants, numbering 160 plus.


The actual dinner will commence at 7.45pm when food is served but before that at 7.00pm, guests will be welcomed by a lion dance performance staged by the SMI Wushu Club and entertained by the  Michaelian Military Band. The reason why we are pushing for an earlier start to the dinner this year is because of the overwhelming number of jubilee certificates to be presented on the night, totalling a staggering 460. Even calling out all the names of the jubilarians will be a mammoth task and I have to sympathise with certificate presenters selected – imagine having to shake all the hands and handing over the certificates while standing up on stage.


Dinner guests are kindly requested to follow the directions of our traffic wardens (SMI scouts and RELA personnel) when parking their vehicles. Space within the school is rather limited, so we have managed to secure additional parking space in the SMI Primary School Car Park and the Taiko Car Park behind the Taiko complex. Permission has also been obtained from DBI for diners to park along Jln. Seenivasagam (Jalan Clayton).There are also spaces available along the Kinta Riverbank and adjacent to Bank Islam and around the Ipoh Padang. To avoid the disappointment of failing to secure a parking lot, come early or better still, car pool.


Many past teachers have kindly consented to grace our dinner by their attendance and some very senior ones, notably Masters Wong Kee Fah, Louis Rodrigues, Oh Teik Toh, Chong Tet Fah and  John Lee who are all in their late 80s (92 years in the case of Wong Kee Fah) will be around to join us in our celebrations. Their former students may make a beeline for their tables to be announced early on dinner night to share old memories and pay their respects. This invitation of past and present teachers is our way of showing our recognition of their dedication and guidance towards our very important early years.


Before I conclude, I take this opportunity to extend  OMA’s appreciation to the school for rendering all forms of assistance towards our reunion banquet.


So on behalf of the OMA DINNER ORGANISING COMMITTEE, I wish you all good health and have a joyous evening,


Terry Yip Chee Thong,

Org. Committee Chairman.