Greetings fellow Michaelians,
On behalf of the Old Michaelians’ Association (OMA), I have the greatest pleasure in announcing tidings of celebration and good cheer come this 24th September, 2016.
On this auspicious day, OMA in collaboration with St. Michael’s Institution (SMI) authorities have lined up a meaningful program of significant events for the benefit of Michaelians who will be back in Ipoh for the reunion dinner. All activities planned for this day will be a special dedication to the memory of the late Dato Rev. Bro. Vincent Corkery whose untimely demise on 22nd March, 2016 has left us with a poignant sense of loss. He was the face of SMI throughout all the years after the passing away of the late Rev. Bro.Ultan Paul. Bro. Vincent had always rooted for the idea of staging our annual dinners within the school compound and allowing old students to visit the school during the earlier part of the day. This would then be a homecoming journey of sorts for those back from afar. So an open invitation is extended to you all to partake in the celebration of Bro. Vincent’s legacy. By all means bring along your families and friends and join us in the fulfilment of one of his fervent wishes.
The gates of the school will be thrown open in the morning to welcome visitors and below is a schedule of events and activities arranged for the day:-
10.00 am – Memorial Mass for the late Bro. Vincent to be conducted in the school chapel.
For those not attending the service, they can start their walkabout down memory lane by visiting sites like the Heritage Gallery, School Hall, new auditorium, Marian Library, etc.
If you feel the urge to answer nature’s call during your walkabout, don’t worry about stinking smelly latrines. Use the upgraded 5-star rated school toilet.
Pop into the La Salle Centre and meet up with Bro. Matthew Bay.
Take in the Food Court as well. No more substandard names like tuckshop or canteen. Enjoy the shade of the Adrian Tsen Pavilion.
Even the magnificent school building is a sight to behold. Soak in the atmosphere as you recollect your mischievious and happy moments of your schooldays.
Sale of Tee shirts. A fresh edition of OMA tee shirts will be on sale in colours of White and Dark Green. Price of RM40.00 per shirt of White or Dark Green. Special discounted price of RM70.00 per pair (1 White & 1 Dark Green). Not prepared for purchase in the morning? Not to worry. Sales will continue during dinner night.
7.00 pm – Welcoming performance by SMI Lion Dance Troupe.
Performance by SMI Military Band.
7.30 pm – Reunion banquet commences.
To be staged in the school basketball courts under canopies. A total of l20 tables have been charted. Those still without tickets for the dinner may contact Mr. Eugene Chow or Ms. Christina Teh (05-2559015) for availability of tickets.
For the first time in the 20 plus years that the present OMA Committee has hosted our annual reunions, Bro. Vincent’s physical presence will be sorely missed but I am sure that from above, he will be looking down on us with a watchful eye over the festivities as we celebrate and reminisce.
In conjunction with this year’s celebrations, the SMI Alumni Association Klang Valley will be organising a golf tournament called the “Inaugural Dato’ Bro. Vincent Corkery SMI Golf Challenge Trophy 2016 at the Meru Valley Golf & Country Club, Ipoh on Sunday, 25th September, 2016. Golfing enthusiasts may refer to the attachment poster for more information.
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In accordance with Bro. Vincent wishes, OMA has launched its own website just recently. It was his initiative to digitalise all copies of the SMI school magazine aptly named ‘THE MICHAELIAN” since the first issue was printed in 1948 into our website so that Michaelians anywhere may be able to connect with us or look up their old mugshots with just a click of a mouse or a tap on their smartphones. However, it has been discovered that certain issues were missing from the archives – magazines for 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1958, 1961, 1966 and 1970. We are hoping some of you may still have kept your copies for the aforementioned missing years and will appreciate it tremendously if you can loan them to us for digitalisation to complete the entire set. Your copies will be returned once the digitalisation process is completed.
Till we meet on 24th September, 2016,
Terry Yip Chee Thong Class of “62 OMA Social & Cultural Sec. Reunion Dinner Org. Comm.Chairman.