Hello fellow Michaelians,
One of the main highlights of previous OMA Reunion Dinners had been the presentation of salutation certificates by the late Dato’ Rev. Bro. Vincent Corkery to Michaelians who were celebrating their Jubilee Years. When this idea was first mooted by Bro. Vincent many years ago, I was a bit skeptical initially, worrying about whether it would be well received by the dining crowd. Needless to say, my fears were unfounded and as the years grew, more and more Michaelians were so eager to troop up onto the stage to receive their certificates from Bro. Vincent. I think back to the past occasions as I called their names and saw their proud faces, marching up the steps attired in tee shirts specially designed for the event. After Bro. Vincent had presented the certificates, the receipients would then perform renditions of the school rally at the top of their voices (so what if some sang off-key) and simultaneously, the entire hall of diners would rise and join in the singing. Imagine the hundreds (or thousands during our 2012 centennial dinner) of voices belting out the school rally in unison. Even some of my Singapore guests were so impressed by the strong show of fellowship and camaraderie that they remarked they had never heard a school song sung with such gusto and spontaneity. After the singing, group photographs with Bro. Vincent was a must.
Which brings me to my reason for this posting. Throughout the past Certificate presentations, those celebrating their Silver Year Jubilee have comprised the largest group of celebrants usually. These are the Michaelians who did their Form 5 in l991 but I am puzzled, based on feedback from the OMA Committee, as to why so far no one from this particular Jubilee year has submitted any names for processing their certificates. Maybe there are groups of you from this year who have obtained your tickets but unaware of the necessity to provide your names or some who are keen to participate, do not know who or where to get your tickets from. Still, it’s not too late to act now but please remember, dinner day will be the 24th September 2016 in the school basketball courts at 7.30pm. So if you wish to submit your names for certificates or you want to purchase tickets, here’s who to contact:-
Mr. Eugene Chow or Ms. Christina Teh – Tel. No. 05-255 9015 during office hours.
For those who are from other Jubilee years, I have appended below a list of the various years which are of relevance:-
25 years – Form 5 year 1991 – Silver Jubilee
30 years – Form 5 year 1986 – Pearl Jubilee
35 years – Form 5 year 1981 – Emerald Jubilee
40 years – Form 5 year 1976 – Ruby Jubilee
45 years – Form 5 year 1971 – Sapphire Jubilee
50 years – Form 5 year 1966 – Golden Jubilee
55 years – Form 5 year 1961 – Alexandrite Jubilee
60 years – Form 5 year 1956 – Diamond Jubilee
65 years – Form 5 year 1951 – Star Sapphire Jubilee
70 years – Form 5 year 1946 – Platinum Jubilee (no one applicable due to the 2nd world war).
Sadly, Bro. Vincent will not grace our reunions with his physical presence anymore, however, the OMA Committee hopes you will make an effort to join hands with us on the night of 24th September 2016 to celebrate the continuance of part of his legacy.
Your fellow Michaelian,
Terry Yip Chee Thong, Class of 1962 OMA Social & Cultural Sec. Reunion Dinner Org. Chairman.